Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dear Hanley Fadder

I found my address book. It was in the strange antique cabinet thingy. I'd love to show you a picture of it and the old pedestal table that I just brought home from being repaired, but I CAN'T FIND MY CAMERA PLUG THINGY!!!!

I'd like to show you the couch and chair that arrived and discuss some paint colors, but again, the cameral cord ain't anywheres to be found.

I'd like to show you the cute video of the boys singing Mary Did You Know, but yeah, no cord thingy.

I'd like my husband to 'splain what happened after he cleaned the office? The cord thingy was on my desk and after he did his sweep of the office, it was gone.

HONEEEEEEEEE!!!! Where is my camera plug thingy? I want it NOW!!!

Fine. I'll write about cute things Levi says, uuuh just so you know, Levi has been in quite a bit of trouble lately. The only thing that seems to get his attention is threatening to wack his butt with a wooden spoon. So there you have it.

-Don spank my Yevi.

-Mom, you don spank my Yevi......go spank my Sephy.

-I yuv you. I do, I yuv you. You elcome.

-Mom, don spank my bottum wid dat spoon, you cook wid dat spoon.

-Mom, you snuggle-snuggle-snuggle wif me.

-Mom, I sorry, I not make mess, I not poop in my unnerwear, I not.

-Mom, you poop in the toiryet, you do, I not.

-Dear Hanley Fadder, tank you dis day, tank you the moon an stars an truck an an an tree an spoon AMEN!


jennifer h said...

Ohhhh. That Hanley Fadder.

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

April, I'm a friend of Jennifer H.- nice to meet you! (I'm finally checking out Jen's blogroll.) Your blog makes me laugh! Your little Levi sounds a whole lot like my Andrew! As for the Advent Calendar... Jennifer's sounds exactly like mine... we used to go to church together and mine was a WIC project, too -hmmmm We love it, though - it's kind of a "whole counsel of God" thing. Blessings and Merry Christmas.

Cynthia said...

I read this earlier and then tonight when we were having family prayer I about laughed. I hadn't thought about the Hanley Fadder thing all day until my 6 year old opened her mouth to offer the prayer. She said it just fine, but in my head: Hanley Fadder.

Too funny!

Muddy Mama said...

Too stinkin' cute! How can you stand it?

Rechelle said...

April - Isaac puked all over Ellen, all over Levi, all over himself, and all over my brand new bedding. It is nice to know he feels so at home here.

cndymkr said...

Oh boy. The wooden spoon. My mother used to threaten us with that thing. In the end all she had to do was shake the drawer and we would all run and hide. Except my brother, he never feared it and used to hide it as soon as he did anything bad. I'll have to remind everyone about it at Christmas!