Friday, February 16, 2007

Workin' on it

My husband programmed a play list on my ipod for me to workout to. Tonight, with great enthusiasm, I put on my external cushiony headphones, cause those white things that come with the ipod do not fit in my small ear holes. That’s right, the one small part on my body, is my ear holes. I filled up a toddler sippy cup with water, I know, I’m a rockin’-hip mamma, I closed the door and hopped on the treadmill.

After I choked for a bit from the dust and cobwebs that came rolling off the belt, I got my groove on. I hate just walking or running. So, with my new debut “work-out program” or, as Clay named it “Get Funky Go Crazy”, I started doing some mighty fine jazz hands and arm swooping. Then I threw all caution to the wind and did some grapevines with my feet then a few ball-changes. To my surprise I only fell off once when I wiped the sweat off my face with the bottom of my shirt and forgot to keep moving my feet.

I finished a twenty minute session and wanted more. I spent an hour walking, running, dancing, feeling a need to hurl and then catching my second wind. My daughter caught me with my arms raised to the heavens, hands forming something between the ‘hang-ten’ sign and the ‘I love ya’ sign while mouthing the words, “Don’t cha wish you’re girlfriend was hot like me?”…..I know, hangin’ my head in shame. I was thinking more appropriately fitting lyrics could be;
“Don’tcha wish your toddler could scream like mine?”
“Don’tcha wish your chickens could crow like mine?”

Anyway, here are the other songs I got groovy with. He did a good job.

1. Holiday by Green Day- Great way to get the blood pumpin’
2. Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani- Hearken’ to my cheerleading days.
3. Suicide Blonde by INXS- This was Clay’s choice
4. Sisters are Doin’ it for Themselves by Eurythmics
5. Vertigo by U2
6. Real Gone by Sheryl Crow- this is the theme song from the movie Cars…it’s cool.
7. Don’t Cha by The Pussycat Dolls- great for practicing your high heeled model cat walk on the treadmill.
8. Tight by INXS
9. Hella Good by No Doubt
10. My City Was Gone by Pretenders- this is probably the only one I want to take off
11. Would I Lie to You by the Eurtythmics
12. Don’t Change by INXS- do you see a pattern here, yea, Clay likes his INXS
13. Hold Me, Kiss Me, Thrill Me by U2

Then I cooled down to James Blunt….except it’s kinda hard to cool down to him grrrrrrr.
When I was done I went to work in the office for a bit. I kept smelling roast beef. Did I forget I was cooking something? No, it was me. I was sweating the smell of roast beef. I can’t explain it.

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