Sunday, February 25, 2007

My Desirae

Friday night I took my daughter shopping. She is so amazing. I often look at her and wonder how on earth is she turning out to be such an incredible person with me as her mother??? Honestly, she is the girl I always looked up to. Why, that would make her Desirae Henderson!

Desirae was this smart, sweet, buck-toothed girl that I grew up with. She always did the right thing. She studied hard, she practiced her piano, she made friends easily, she wore simple clothes but always looked cute, she loved people and showed her loved to others with pure genuine Christian spirit. She loved her family and was respectful and obedient to her parents. She was good at everything she tried and she made you want to be a better person. Now, I have my very own Desirae living in my house!

As we stepped into the mall Ellen noticed all the teenagers loitering. She looked at me and rolled her eyes and made some sort of gagging noise about all the kids there. She even wondered why so many young kids were there without their parents.

We bought some skirts and then found a store with much better buys and she happily agreed to return the other skirts so we could save some money. She by-passed trendy clothes and picked out plain t-shirts and a polka-dotted skirt.

We sat in the food court and ate Japanese food. We talked and laughed and even made fun of each other. I called her "Metal Mouth" and she called me "Zit Chin" we bantered back and forth calling out our physical discrepancies while gasping at the shrewdness. I love that she can make fun of herself and me.

We called home and everyone was sleeping. We went to the book store and sat in front of the antiquity books and thumbed through some classics, finally purchasing Virgil's Aeneid that she needed for school.

We bought coffee and sneaked it into the 10:30 showing of The Astronaut Farmer. We were the only people in the theatre. I told Ellen that I had rented the place out just for us.

On the way home she said, "Thanks Mom", but I should have thanked her for being such an incredible girl. For being My Desirae.


Leeann said...

Love your entry today. I have been blogging a lot lately about my daughter as well. She is nearly 12 and I am amazed and in wonder of the changes in her and the woman she is becoming.
We are indeed blessed!

Angie Lechner said...

Loved your post. My daughter is only five and already is everything I wanted to be....she has no fear! I was always too afraid to ride roller coasters, ferris wheels, didn't swim until I was almost a teenager, and the list goes on. She's almost got me beat in all areas! I'm so proud of her and her confidence. I too sometimes look at her and wonder if maybe she was switched at birth and there is some shriveled up wimpy girl crying on the playground at kindergarten that is REALLY my daughter! :-) Just kidding, I would love the wimpy girl too. But all I have to do is look my daughter in the eye....she looks just like me, right down to the wide bottom and the knock-knees, bless her heart. She's beautiful and confident and I love her.