Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Man and Woman in My House

I hab a code...... a code, you dow a code in my node and my node is ready sore.

Sorta what we said.....with some author's embellishments.

Me- I'm sick.
Him- I know. We all know.
Me-hmph! I need you to feel sorry for me.
Him- You don't mess around when you get a cold, it just comes gushing out.
Me- Oh, I'm so glad you noticed. Maybe I'll gush on you.

Me-Did you know my New Year's resolution was to make up the bed everyday? Have you noticed?
Him- I did notice. Good job.
Me- What was your New Year's resolution? Oh, wait, I remember, it was to never hurt my feelings? Right?
Him- Yes, but that only lasted a few minutes. So, now my new one is to be nicer to you.
Me-Even when I'm a giant pain in the batutsky?
Him-Your always a giant pain.....I mean yes sweetheart, even then.
Me-You have your work cut out for you. I wish you luck. I plan on seeing your resolutions demise by the end of the day.
Him- Oh honey, I'm stronger and more patient than you. You're only going to hurt yourself.
Me- Does bringing me to exploding frustration count as being mean to me?
Him- But frustrating you is so fun, I can't give that up.


hope4grace said...

Feel better, codes suck!

Anonymous said...

LOL, that was really funny! Sometimes the conversations amongst family members is the best writing material. I hope the code subsides quickly and you won't be gushing on anyone!