Wednesday, September 20, 2006

How sweet it is to....

-go into the little coffee shop just as they are closing and have them serve you a latte and absolutely refuse to be paid until next time you come in.

-have the dentist not find anything wrong with the tooth that you swear is hurting.

-find cute little folk lore chicken plates to put somewhere.

-come home to a clean kitchen compliments of your sweet kiddos.

-find eggs in the chicken coop everyday!

-have your children beg you to make scrambled eggs.

-see how excited your children get about looking for a double yolk.

-own chickens!

-listen to my almost two year old say words like; out, dawl-daw (all done), dang-doo (thank-you) and a whole host of other things that I can't even begin to decipher.

-have a fire pit outside with cute little tree stumps to sit on.

-breath the cool air.

-wear a jacket and a sweater.

-watch "Watership Down" with my boys and have them imitate the bird all day.....'Stupid bunnies you got not mates!'

-find $8.00 curtains at Target on the clearance rack to hang in the boys' room so I can take down the mini-blind aka "The Noose" that my baby tried to hang himself from.

-have a kind neighbor find my baby walking down the road and safely return him to his dumbfounded parents who swore he was playing safely with his siblings in the basement.

-to be able to run out and purchase baby-proof door knob covers.

-have God watching over me.

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Anonymous said...

Very sweet indeed. Many many more blessings!!