Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Gangsta Thang

This is a chifferobe.

I bought one at a sale on Sunday. It was in the weirdest place. I found out the house, which was weird and huge, was once owned by a big Mafia dude that eventually became a senator with Harry S. Truman. Know who it was?

The house was a country/river hang out. It has underground tunnels leading to other buildings on the property. It was decked out in the most amazing stuff.

I can't find anything exactly like the dresser on the web. It actually has two mirrored wardrobes on each side and a mirrored hat box in the middle with the stack of drawers. It's very cool. On the back of one of the dove tailed drawers is a stamp Jan 1924.

The best thing? It smells musty. I ran out and bought some Beatrix Potter fleur drawer liners that smell like an old powdery grandma. So now I've got an old musty Mafia man's dresser being accosted by an old powdery lady. Seems appropriate.


JJRiding said...

Who was he? I am no from "Mizzeri" and don't have time to research. I have lots of musty things do you want to bargain? What is with the word vertification everytime I make a profound statement about your blog. Joanie

JJRiding said...

I do like your purchase. Very unique and the story to go with it is priceless--gangsta dresser lives in Christian home. You saved it and now you will sanctify it. I like old things--I like my husband.

Jessie said...

I like your use of pictures - I'm a fan!

april said...

You crack me up lady! The word verification is to keep computer generated comments off my oh so beloved blog.

I honestly can't remember what the owner of the house told me the gangster's name was, I tried to look it up today, with no luck. Maybe it's untrue, but it does make for a good story.

I'm glad you like your old musty husband, oh wait, is he musty?! I have some excellent powdery paper you could wrap him in.

april said...

Thanks Jessie!