Friday, April 28, 2006

Sprucing up the place

Yes, I've changed the look of the place. I'm a woman. I can't leave things alone. If there is a scab then I pick it. If there is a zit I pop it...several times. If there are pieces of loose tile I pull it up. If there is an ugly blog I pick another and another until I make it bleed and then I feel it will look much better. Invision a gentle rain misting the forest wild flowers and a little boy standing in a field with his overalls on. That's what I want my blog to look like, but these apple things will do for now.


Mark said...

Sorry, April. I'm trying but so far all I can envision is a great deal of blood and pus oozing from my skin.

A teenage anxiety flashback. pop pop pop

Mark said...

Oh. Not to be understood. The design looks nice and especially goes with your title.

moe said...

Oh my daughter will not leave a scab alone but, my husband is just as bad so it's not a girl thing.

Jessie said...

April, did you change the place up cuz of all the publicity you are getting over at Abby's blog? ...hee hee

Abby said...

I like change too. and I love the green! very fresh feeling :)

Jandy said...

Ooh, pretty green. Do you like this banner I just threw together? It's a little brighter than the one you have, but I can make it darker if you want. I couldn't quite match your description...I had some trouble finding pictures with rain. :(

april said...

Jandy!!!! You are awesome!!! Can you teach me how to put that on my sight?

Jandy said...

Yes, but it requires a few code changes to the template. (The header I made is a little taller than the one you had. My bad on the original sizing, but if I make it the same size, you'll lose either the kid's head or the blue flowers at the bottom.)

Go to the dashboard, click your journal, and the select the "template" tab, then paste this code in instead of the Blog Header code that's there now:

/* Blog Header
----------------------------------------------- */
@media all {
#header {
background:#bca url("") no-repeat left bottom;
margin:0 0 0;
padding:0 0 62px;
#header div {
/*background:url("") no-repeat left top;*/
padding:8px 15px 0;

I changed the color of "where the woman and the month can leave you standing in a puddle" to a darker one, because the white wasn't showing up at all. The "April Showers" stayed white because it's a link, and all the links are coded white in a different section, which I didn't change. I didn't want to be screwing with your whole layout without permission. ;)

The banner is hosted on my site, which is fine. If it ever disappears or anything, let me know, I probably screwed something up inadvertently when updating the site or something. Hopefully that won't happen.