Monday, April 17, 2006

Mr. Cow meet Levi's patty.

Chicken count down- 2 days

Ellen has been informing me how many more days until the chickens come for at least 19 days. But, this is it! We are nearly there! I hope they all come healthy and that they make the trip okay, bless their little beaks.

What the hello am I going to do with 25 baby chickens? I'm afraid I might spread a sleeping bag out on the back porch by the baby pool that they will temporarily reside in to monitor their every move and, you know to bond with them.

Easter News

Sunday was lovely. We were all well and had a house full of people. It was a relaxing day and the kids wore themselves out. What a wonderful day to celebrate Christ resurrection and fellowship with Believers.

My parents caught wind of us being sick and decided to stay at my sister's house, which I certainly don't blame them.

There are remains of plastic eggs all over my house. Levi stored a few fists fulls of jelly beans in his crib and greeted me with a black smile and sticky hands after his nap.

The kids got one very, very, very small, like eat in one sitting, chocolate bunny (because any leftovers would have hopped right into my bunny hole of a mouth). The older two received Keith Urban CD's and the younger two were given a soft stuffed bear and cow. Levi who is the owner of the little cow has already marked it as his territory by smearing a bit of the contents of his morning diaper on it. Mr. Cow meet my laundry pile, that's where you're going to be for a while.

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melanie said...

Did you get the chicks? Since there hasn't been a new posting, I'm assuming that you are too smitten with your little creatures to pry yourself away and write us all an update. :-)