Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bare foot circa 2001 borrowed from God Almighty

Remember that blog I wrote about using up all the groceries before going to the store again? Well, I stretched the pantry and freezer as far as they could go the past two weeks. We ate some sort of "pork soup surprise" for dinner last night. I used a peppercorn pork tenderloin that was waaaaay over peppered. I washed as much of the pepper off and stuck it in the pot to boil and what came out was a waaaaaay too peppery, waaaaay too watery soup thingamajig. The children begged me to go to the store today. I really think we could have held out a couple more days.

In the rush of madness to get to the store, get school done, do some church work, make some phone calls and get out the door, Isaac was overlooked. No, I didn't leave him at home. I barked the orders to get shoes and get in the van and Isaac heard "Pick up a shoe in one hand and don't let go of the death grip on the Gameboy with the other!". When we got to Pizza Hut (yes, we ate out because no one wanted to eat left over peppered water) Seth asked why Isaac only had one shoe. Isaac said, while pushing the buttons of his Gameboy, that he had just forgot it, like that is absolutely no inconvenience whatsoever to his mother or him for that matter. My threat to make him stay in the van while we went to eat was welcomed by him and he plopped back in the seat so he could play his GAMEBOY!!

He wasn't so happy to stay in the van after the swat and scolding I gave him. He wore one shoe into Pizza Hut and all over Wal-Mart, little skunk.

My plans to make a wonderful low-fat skillet lasagna with Italian turkey sausage was jilted when I completely burned the bottom of the meat. Meat that has no fat has very little forgiveness in timing. Learn from me, do not get distracted and think you can quickly blog a little while cooking a meal. Despite the black under crust of the lasagna, everyone ate it with great gusto while I gagged and complained that it tasted like one of those Chef Boyardee things. I think they were all so happy to have food in the house they would have eaten tofu with a side of mashed turnips or one of those Chef Boyardee things.

American Idol
Yes, we watch and I am finally going to say a lil' somsin somsin about it.
Chis Daughtry...yow. Me wish me could see his performance a few more times and put that song on me ipod.

Chick Chick
The ladies are doing well. Five of them hopped out of the baby pool today and cuh-rapud all over the porch thankyafershat. Oh, and as I was capturing the little gals one decided to leave me a finger full of herself...nice. I better get used to that, it's actually the gold I'm looking for to bury in the garden.

Isacc- Mom, you borrowed me.
Me- I did? Who did I borrow you from?
Isaac- God.
Me- When do I have to give you back?
Isaac- He said you could keep me.
followed by lots of huggas and kissas


Abby said...

Does Super Walmart not take the shop n save $10 off coupons for thursdays? or maybe it just wasn't worth $10 to have another make-do meal? i've been there :) as we prepare to move who-knows-where i am trying to clean out all my canned and frozen stores. amazing how things accumulate, especially when you think you're going to stay put. it looks like we'll be having much pumpkin bread in the spring and lots of dishes involving tomato paste. i do have a frozen pork tenderloin (plus plenty o' ground beef and chicken breasts) but it is unseasoned; like you i have had a bad enough experience or two to stear clear of "pre-seasoned" almost anything.

Jandy said...

I have Chris Daughtry's song from last week (and the week before) in MP3 format, if you want it. :) This guy over at rips the audio from all the performers every week, but he doesn't keep them up more than a week, tops.

mel said...

Walmart honors other grocery store's ads, but not "coupons" like the $10 off. bummer.

What song did Chris sing this past week? I missed both shows. This season just isn't nearly as good as last year. Has anyone heard Bo's album? It's really good! I think I actually like his better than Carrie's, and I was rooting for her the whole way through. The StL county library has both of them. (and the Brad Paisley CD I'm listening to now... : )