Friday, April 07, 2006

Blinking Moments

Finer points of the week:
*Seth turned a decade...he says double digits.
*We bought a trampoline and it was a very good investment in time spent playing outside and a new storage area for socks.
*I did great on my new lifestyle with the exception of eating the animal cookie left in the car seat and then snatching a handful out of the box before yelling, "Please get these away from me!".

Fine points of the week:
*In an effort to save money I have decreased the cleaning people to every other week. I cleaned three times as much...I don't think I saved anything in time or irritation. Wondering if it is worth the savings.
*I've caved to the birthday party celebration for my son, so tonight hundreds of boys are coming over to spend the night or maybe just four...what's the difference?

And other stuff:

I'm nervous about making the cake for Seth, I fear I will accidentally pour the bowl of batter down my throat. Oh, I forgot I also cleaned the pudding off one of my children's plates by licking it. Yep, just held the plate with both hand and slurped it up. These are dangerous times.


melanie said...

Is there anything sweet you can eat? Can you have sugar free pudding or jello or those suger free (and way over priced, but really yummy) shortbread cookies?

Anonymous said...

April, don't get rid of those cleaning ladies! If I ever get any I'm never going to turn them loose. That is for sure. And, I'm really sorry about your sugar situation. You are just going to have to find some things that you really like that you can have. Maybe you could figure out how to make like a sugar-free (maybe use splenda or something) mocha-like coffee drink. I think that would be pretty good. Maybe Bacardi and diet coke? I don't know, just trying to brainstorm here. Hang in there, girl. :) -- annie

april said...

Yes, I can eat the sweet baby cheeks off of Levi! Actually I can eat small amounts of sugar- free stuff, but it's more than just the sugar it's the carbs and sugars alcohols that are bad too.

Annie, you are right those cleaning gals....priceless!!! But, we're looking at a private school and braces this year that may mean an unemployeed cleaning agency.

melanie said...

How did the overnight birthday party go? I didn't see you at church on Sunday (which doesn't mean much considering how much time I spend in the cry room). Were you recovering? :-)