Tuesday, July 31, 2007


This is the barn and if that little wheel gets left behind, well, that would be just fine with me, cuz I think that's where it needs to be.

I'm sitting here, waiting to hear if the sellers have accepted our final offer. Just waiting. I'm sure they have no idea that my forehead is sprouting a zit every five hours and that my stomach has jumped out of my throat to turn somersaults on the floor. God told me to stop talking to him so He could get some sleep at about 3:00 am.

Really, it's no big deal. I'm just waiting. I nearly passed out a few seconds ago because I forgot to take a breath and if one more child asks a question about the house I might just stuff them in the toaster and serve them with breakfast. But, honestly I'm okay, just waiting.

It's all in God's hands. It's hard to buy a little piece of heaven.


Them Country Folk: said...

Come on sellers, sign those papers! :)

cndymkr said...

I'm saying prayers for you right now. I hope it helps.

Muddy Mama said...

Okay, April. I know you got your head filled with front porches, and barns with wheels and all, but something of real importance has just happened. You have just been awarded the Blogger Reflection Award!!!! I know it's a lot to handle, what with this just being sprung on ya and all, but when you get the chance, come on by my blog to accept your prize.

(P.S. I'm praying for your offer to be accepted. That house looks fantabulous! Keep us posted!)