Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bug Eyes

I'm not one to spend more than five bucks on a pair of sunglasses. I've learned that if I spend more than that they will inevitably get lost or broken within hours of purchasing them. My last pair of sunglasses came from the dollar store. I still have them, but they don't provide complete sunlight obliteration and that is what my eyes really require lest I get a headache. After I spend five dollars on my sunglasses I take very good care of them, being sure not to place them on the floor of the vehicle where children will trample them. After all, our vehicles have a silly little built-in spot just for sunglasses and who wouldn't want to use it? My husband, that's who. The man buys expensive sunglasses that we spend hours trying to find to fit his big honkin' head. Then he tosses them on the floor of his truck or as it was on our vacation, the boat. Yep, I had just hoisted my big butt out of the lake and into the boat, thank God I don't have to find sunglasses for my bodaciousness, I looked at Clay and he was wearing his sunglasses that now had one lens and were twisted tighter than a pretzel. He stepped on them. Now I'm making him wear my old pair of dollar store glasses while I wear my new sunglasses that are as big as my toddlers face.

Clay's punishment is to occasionally say, "You were right dear, I shouldn't fight the powers that you posses, because you speak knowledge that is far greater than mine, sunglasses do not belong on the floor.....ever."


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

I take my $4 Wal-Mart glasses off on a regular basis and try to clean off the smudge... then remember -- oh -- that's permanent. DOH!

Time for another $4 pair. :/

Muddy Mama said...

You look totally awesome in your five dollar shades.

lori said...

i, too, am queen of the inexpensive sunglasses. mine aren't nearly as cute as yours, though. they look great on you, but i especially like them on your toddler :-)

hey, be grateful that since your hubby spends so much time choosing sunglasses, he doesn't try to wear yours. my hubby also has a HUGE head, and he likes to steal my sunglasses when he forgets his (this is usually HILARIOUS)...and he wrecks them! arrgghhh! i have a much smaller face than he does; when he wears my sunglasses, i can't even get them to hook on my ears afterward b/c they're so stretched out!