Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Things that make you go ahhhh

Oh, blaaaaaah! This has been a very yucky hormonal day. It's terrible what the body can do to a happy spirit. So, instead of whining to you all, and believe me, I could do some serious moaning and whining right now, I've decided to find some pictures of things that make my heart flutter with happiness.

Like this one. Although when my husband snapped it, I grabbed the camera away from him to see if he took a picture of me and I wanted to cry because somehow in the last several years I started to age and take on the face of a woman who's seen her share of worry and sun exposure. Oh wait, am I complaining? Right. I like this picture because my husband caught me mid daydream. I was peering out the window of my sister's beautiful house at a pasture full of grass. A crisp spring breeze was coming through the unfinished window and I was breathing in the clean, fresh Kansas air. I was thinking how wonderful it will be when the house is done and my nephews will be tearing around in their new place, breaking everything in and my sister will finally have her dream house to live in. A dream come true.
And this photo is just something you don't see today. Do you know what makes it so wonderful? That's right, shed dormers. I remember peering over my husband's shoulder when he was drawing the back of this house and marveling at the shed dormers. Why were these abandoned and left astray in new housing, why? It also makes me happy to see something built that my husband helped design.

YIKES! This makes me happy? It's rather creepy, isn't it? But, she's just a sweet sunbathing chicken. I would give a prickly evil eye too if someone snapped a picture of me all sprawled about with my breasts hanging out worshiping the sun gods, she has no modesty, honestly!

How could this picture of two baseball capped little boys being toted around in a red wagon not make me smile? It almost makes me forget how the little one kept kicking his brother in the back for having a toy he insisted was his.

This candid shot was taken when Ike crawled up on my lap while I was blogging. He asked if he could take a picture of us. "Smile Mom!"
Okay sweetie, I'll smile and tomorrow will be a better day.


Lori and Josh said...

girl, you look about 25! the kansas sun must be much more forgiving than the texas sun and/or there's some sort of fountain of youth up there! i think the chicken pic is very sweet. chickens are so cute when they're not chasing me through the yard and pecking the ever living hell out of me (bad childhood experience). estrogen be damned (it really should be a controlled substance). i hope tomorrow dawns brighter for you!

Kathy from NJ said...

I had to look at your sister's Flicker site to verify that they are her shed dormers. How wonderful that your husband designed her house!

Rechelle said...

April Dawn - Cheer up! Do I have to come out there and get you? At least you have not been painting for two weeks solid only to have your husband come in and announce he doesn't like the color!

hope4grace said...

Girl, when all else fails, you have great hair! It inspires me to be brave and try a little lighter look. Seriously, what a beautiful smile in the last pic.

Anonymous said...

It is so comforting to know that there are other women in the world whose hormones just ruin their day. Mine do and they bring along their little friends called zits to really make me feel good about myself.

Thanks for sharing the great pics. You are beautiful! So are your kids. And I never knew that I love shed dormers too, but I do!!!


Anonymous said...

{{{ HUGS }}}

You look great and I hope chocolate can fix your yucky day ^^

Karen ( http://o-scientist.blogspot.com Our Deer Baby)

april said...

Oh, thank you all very much for giving me kind words during my "I-want-to-bite-my-children's-heads-off-and-eat-everything-in-the-house-moment". I tell ya, the nicest people stop by this blog.

cndymkr said...

Give yourself some time off. Go in the bathroom, close and most importantly, lock the door. (Now some might think this next part is gross but desperate times call for desperate measures.) Bring in a lot of chocolate and your favorite beverage. Yes, normally I wouldn't suggest using the bathroom but I've found it the ONLY place I can legally be alone. Most of the time. Anyway back to you - just sit in there and relax maybe read a magazine or book. Give yourself at least 5 minutes, more if you bring in a whole bag of M&M's!!
I hope you have an easier day tomorrow.

Mom of All Seasons said...

Such a lovely smile. Know that we've all been there and are silently cheering you forward. For something fun to think about, "Tag, you're it." There's a topic for you to consider over at my blog.

annie said...

What lovely pictures, and what a sweet post. We try to play the glad game when feeling icky... There is always something to be glad about!
My Life as Annie!