Thursday, June 21, 2007

Changes in the Aprilsphere

Hello April Shower's Readers,

I've made a couple changes here for safety reasons. I took down the links of people I know personally that may not want their sight to be any thing more than a personal blog for their family and friends.

I know it sounds silly to take down links of people that I enjoy reading and actually know in person, but since my traffic has picked up here a tiny bit I didn't want them to have any unwanted traffic on their sights. Which, when I think about it, is weird to not want traffic on a blog since it is such a public display of exhibitionism of sorts. But, I still don't wish fame on folks that don't intend for their blog to be anything more than a little place to talk about their humble musings and life debacles.

So, if you want me to link you back up, then you'll need to bake me a cake, or offer to clean my toilets for the next twenty odd years or just ask me very a British accent and I'll put you back where you belong.

Aaaaand if you are still holding a privileged spot over there in my side bar, but wish to God in Heaven that you could be removed, but are very sheepish about approaching a very loud-mouthed blogger woman that may sick her chickens on you if you so dared to ever ask her to do such a thing, then arm yourself with some gumption and just say something like, "April, get me off the list, I don't want to be listed, I feel exposed and uncomfortable and in all ways naked, so take me down! I want off, stop the bus and let me out!" I will expect that to be said in a French or Spanish accent or you can give me a mix of both, but please don't actually start spouting your desperate plea in a French or Spanish or I won't comprehend what your trying to say and might just get a bit freaked and sick a chicken on you.

Now, for those of you who want to be added to my sidebar....well, let me tell ya, there are some pretty big obstacles you have to pass. I'm not sure what they all are, because I make them up as I go, so just know they are hard and you may need to possess some serious skilzzz. But, if you are not going to feel like a whole, complete blogging-blogger without a stamp of linkage from me, then by all means leave me a comment with your url and beg mercilessly to be added and then I'll think about it and maybe, if you're lucky and have a dog by the name of Alsfaldghlashstkkkk then I'll be more than happy to hand over a piece of my prime realeblog to you. Sound impossible? Wonder how hard it would be to actually gain a spot on April Showers? Me too. So only the brave and utterly curious should really attempt this feat. God speed bloggers, and may the best blogs win.

Are we clear? Okay, proceed with your blogging decisions. I'll be right here, awaiting your reply......


jennifer said...

As a veteran blogger of over 5 years, I feel genuinely insulted to be removed from someone's blog roll--even if I don't have any links up on my blog right now. So I would like to be put back up. I won't bake you a cake, but I will speak to you in a British accent whenever I get the opportunity.

Mark said...

No, you have a blogroll now. And April is at the top, bottom, and middle of the list!

Babette said...

I am honored and humbled to have made the blogroll cut!! Does this mean I must update?!

I'm sorry to have held you in Eka Pada Setu Bandha Sarvangasana for so long. I'm finishing my 200 hour yoga teaching certification this month and can't put together a coherent thought unless it regards sanskrit, sutras, or sequencing.

You inhabit a wonderful world that chirks and improves me, though I know I'm only treated to a glimpse!

You look lovely below!!!

Jessie said...

April, I never really thought about it one way or another. I am neutral on the issue at this point. Actually, why don't you keep me off, b/c now that you made me think about all your publicity and fame and therefore, traffic, I am getting a little paranoid about all that scary blog stalker stuff!

april said...

Okay, Jennifer you have regained your position with an added bonus... MARK is now on my list!

Mark, you are hilarious. My intentions weren't for folks to put me on their blogroll, but thanks for making me the ONLY person on Jenns.... I don't like my neighbors living too close so it suits me well.

Babette, so good to know you're still around, my leg was starting to get a little numb.

Jessie, your road to stardom via bloghood has ended here...we bid you farewell, but I'll keep up with your blog on the downlow.

Grace said...

I completely understand this move. While I don't know any of my favorite bloggers in person, I do use a fake name for myself, my family and all my friends. Sometimes I struggle with feeling like I'm not being genuine, but then I counter that by realizing I'd rather be safe.

cndymkr said...

This makes me wish I had a blog. So when I finally decide that writing one is better than reading them can I come back and be put on your list? Please. Pretty please with sugar on top?

april said...

Yes Jean, I will be very happy to hold a spot for you when and if you ever decide to make that leap.....

Crunchy Chicken said...

Whew! I started breaking into a cold sweat. But, fortunately, I'm still present on your blogroll.

I think I'm going to start a requirement - if you want to stay on my blogroll, then you need to post a comment every day. Ha ha ha. Just kidding. Hmmm.

Anyway, I know what you mean about the privacy thing. After receiving some hate postings a while back I went through and tried to scrape off the signs of my identity, removing obvious pictures and whatnot. I've slowly loosened my grip on it, but it still can be unnerving.

Just stop posting pictures that will attract the goofballs. Like, "People Who Like Bloody Ankles". said...

Link to me! I have bone-crunching-cramps today!

By the way, found you rblog via your sister's blog...the two of you are sick & twisted. I appreciate that in a person.

Becky Meyers said...

april, i don't know if i was ever on your blogroll....but it really doesn't matter all that much cause i never find the time to update my blog anyway. i should pay you to come down to San Antonio, and stay with me for a while and put some really fun and intersting stuff up on my blog..... hmmm, give it some thought!

Muddy Mama said...

How did you know the name of my dog? Alsfaldghlashstkkk is doing fine by the way. We have recently shortened his name to Al because everytime I called him someone would pound me on the back thinking that I was choking.

Anyhoo, I just discovered your site and LOVE it! Yours is a sense of humor I can appreciate. I needed that laugh. Thank you.

Read this next part in an English accent:
Would you please be ever so kind as to stop by my blog and if you find that it's not too boring maybe add me to your blogroll? (Is that really what it is called? I'm new at this.)Pretty please with sugar on top? Thanks, ever so.
Here's my URL:

Phelan said...

ah ha! You kept me on the list. Not sure how to take it...hmmm..I will take it any way I can get it. oh wait, that make me sound like a lonely homesteader. Got to stop doing that.

Jandy said...

I don't know if I was ever on your blogroll, but I don't mind being on it, if you should like to put me on it. I promise an eclectic if sometimes sporadic mix of personal/film/literature thoughts along with yearly addiction to American Idol! :)

Anonymous said...

Awwww.....I want back on. It was my only claim to fame. And I said that all with a British accent, too.

I can't sign in with my blogger account because it links to my other blog. So I'll sign in as annonymous.

You can still find me at

P.S. I wanta go to pottery class now. I LOVE all your pieces.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw said...

What? You took us off your blogroll? Well then fine. We are taking you of ours too.

tim m. said...

Sorry about that April. Faith was being moody. We'll get you linked back up soon.

Jandy said...

<'british accent>
Not to be a bother, but you've got one of my individual posts linked, rather than the main page ( Also, my blog is titled "Jandy's Meanderings"--it's merely hosted on the-frame. I do hope I haven't inconvenienced you terribly.
</british accent>

I don't know why I always want to be super-polite when I'm pretending to be British. They're really not super-polite. Let me try again.

<'british accent>
Hey, you've got the wrong sodding page linked! Better bloody well look to that!
</british accent>

Also, hee at Faith and Tim.

Robbyn said...

I love reading your blog, and started mine more or less as a journal, but found so many great folks in the homestead-o-sphere (which is how I inadvertenty found your site).

You're totally warped...

I'm impressed! (ha!)

I'll likely never have a dog named Alsfaldghlashstkkk, as that's a bit too close to the noise my husband makes after certain meals. Come to think of it, I wonder if that's why the English termed a certain dish "Bubble and Squeak?" hmmm

My blog's simple and I won't get my feelings hurt a bit if it's not sassy enough to merit a sidebar on yours. We're trying to get us some acreage, and we're in the boring stage of trying to afford it by working our tails off, ergo ye olde blog has been somewhat more boring and neglected of necessity.

Lessee...any other facts about me, hmm.

Can't do a decent English accent, but I do have better teeth most of 'em, does that count?

I consider myself somewhat warped, but am harmless to myself and others and haven't been committed anywhere (except marriage...still in that institution by choice, heh heh). When given the opportunity, I do strange things long forgotten by modern society, such as Read Books.

I just bought a used white 97 Ford Taurus 8 cylinder car which is the first car in my life I can say is actually MINE. The only one we could afford just now, which means she is indebting us to the Saudis at an alarming rate at the gas pump. Her name's Stella. Yeah, the car.

Enough scintillating blather...

I now await the GONG... :)