Friday, June 15, 2007

Out of the mouths of my littles

I want to eat snores- Ike referring to S'mores

I want to watch *itch- Ike referring to the movie Hitch but accidentally saying it with a B (and no, he didn't get to watch it, it's no TV month for goodness sakes, oh and he can't watch it in July either.)

I un some ick-rush- Levi wanting licorice

Mama gimme pee dow, peeeee dow- For a long time I thought Levi was asking for another pillow, but pee dow is his word for covers, he couldn't understand why I kept trying to shove another pillow under him.

Mama! Mom! Mommy! Comer, comer, ders chickens in the house!- I understood that perfectly well. Yes, there were four chickens in the house and for about three minutes we had a little chicken chase going on in the office. Fun times.


cndymkr said...

Ok, how did the chickens get in the house? Was this some sort of high school prank? Are the chickens potty trained?

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

For some reason in our house -- a swimming suit is called a swimmin nuit. Even the 7yo calls it that. I love kid'isms. Ü