Monday, June 18, 2007

I do more weird/gross things before noon....

than most people want to do in a lifetime!!

So far I've...

Told my sons to take off their snow pants and put them away and, "No, you cannot put your swimsuit over your snow pants to look like your really muscular and play in the hose!"

Pondered over the mold growing on a sock in my daughter's laundry.

Told my daughter to clean the cat food out of the bottom of her laundry hamper.

Had a cockroach crawl on my hand.

Screamed until I was light headed about the cockroach crawling on my hand.

Was consoled by my 11yo son only to get all hyper-don't-touch-me when I noticed he was holding a Clorox wipe in his hand that he had been using to clean the toilette!!

Asked my 5yo why he smelled so strongly of vinegar??? "Cuz, I'm using it in my bean experiment". Oh, well that's explains everything.


cndymkr said...

All this in one day?!! You poor thing. Really, I'm not sitting here giggling. Really. That would be wrong. And not supportive. Or helpful. Sorry. I hope you have a better day tomorrow. Maybe you could send all of your kids to your sisters?

Lori and Josh said...

i, too, have a straight face as i picture you screaming until you are faint. okay, i woulda done the same thing if a nasty little cockroach walked on my hand! i can handle a scorpion any day, but not one of those nasty little cockroach beasts. see, i wasn't giggling...i know it's a serious matter!

i think we need another post about WHY there is cat food at the bottom of your daughter's hamper. i know it's a good story :-)

Rechelle said...

Why can't the boys play in their snow suits? They could at my house. I think you need to send them over...