Monday, April 13, 2009

Mother Suffering from Baseball Ulcer

Dear God,
Uh, I'm about to write a post about baseball.
Please help me.

My oldest son turned 13 a couple weeks ago and all of the sudden he's gone from a tiny little bundle of chub with auburn hair that smelled like a wet puppy rolled in sugar to a giant, stinking beast balancing between boy and man.

I know several people that are going to say, "April, Seth has never been tiny." And to you people I say....phlbbbt, he's a babaaaaay! A tiny helpless infant!

Seth, my baby-buh-buh-buh was asked to try out for a baseball team because he just happened to be in the right spot at the right time.

When he got home Clay told me it's an older team and they do a bit of traveling...........and that's all I heard. Traveling. Traveling. Traveling.

"But, you know, he may not get picked. They're trying out four guys for one spot." said Clay.

"Gah, I hope he doesn't get picked!" I complained.

The coach called today. They want Seth to come practice with their team tonight and again on Wednesday. They are interested in him, but can't promise anything. And now. And NOW. AND FREAKIN' NOW, I'm all nervous!!!!!

I'm not nervous that I'm going to have to take him to all these freakin' tournaments all over FREAKIN' KANSAS! No. I'm nervous that THEY WON'T PICK HIM!!!!!

For cryin' out loud what if he gets all excited about playing with this team and they choose one of the other boys? One of those other stinky boys that is NOT a teeny tiny baby boy with wittle bitty fweckles on his squishy wishy nose? I'm not sure I can take the rejection....I mean Seth, I'm not sure if SETH can take the rejection.

Oh boy, I think I might have a problem.


Oh, Lord. Why? Why is my life steeped in sports? Why can't my children like art and dance and music and....and...FARMING!!!


Jenni said...

I was surprised at how disappointed, rejected, and slightly infuriated I felt when Na didn't make the cheerleading squad for next year. I figured she was a shoo in with her gymnastics experience, but they don't look at that in 7th grade. It turns out my loudest, most outgoing child is too quiet, at least in public. She's also very white and can't quite shake it like some of the girls. Why she had to get these things from me and not, say, my love of reading, I don't know. Even though I mocked the whole cheerleading thing, I was just so sad for my baby girl. I didn't let her see it, though, and she got over it quickly enough and started taking barrel riding lessons from our neighbor.

I hope Seth makes the team. If he doesn't he's probably an active enough kid that he won't let it keep him down for long. He'll find something else to do. Hey, I could get Josh and his friend Ben to show him how to blow stuff up and light things on fire. Come on, Mom, whaddaya say?

Margaret said...

My kids like art and dance and music. But not farming. :D I know that feeling, though. You feel for your child, doesn't matter what the child feels! Terrible, isn't it?

Dawn said...

I'm just glad I had girls!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Dawn.

Sandy said...

Ditto to the "why can't my kids like art, dance, music!" My two boys want to go outside to practice baseball in 30 degree temperatures. I've taken to saying "Mommy doesn't play baseball ... ask Daddy". Sad, I know. But I really don't like to play baseball!!! Why doesn't anyone like what I like??? Hmph!

(watching baseball can be fun though! hope Seth makes it!)

Gladys said...

Well here is my take on it. Travel Ball is EXPENSIVE! So you need to start another Dave Envelope labeled POOR HOUSE...or Baseball. What we do for out kids. ;)

Lisa S. said...

Two out of three of my kids are in softball league, softball tournament, baseball league and drill team. Not only are we way too busy for the next two months, but completely broke! Those tournaments cost money, especially when you have to stay overnight out of town. And to pay for drill team I am going to have to sell my oldest to the highest bidder. You're really going to be in the poor house now if he gets picked - welcome to my world!

Here I was thinking my kids are too quiet and reserved for these sports, but they have thrived and enjoy the socializing. Besides, I have come to love the game and watching my kids smoke a ball to the fence! Good times!

km said...

first of all Seth if you need to hide out in the NorthEast due to the mortification of your mother talking about your wittle nosie well come on over here.
Second I have the same issue with my 9 year old. He played baseball,he was the home run derby king. He tried swimming, he medalled in the New England Championships that season! He took some golf lessons, the instructor begged me to keep him coming because that kids has talent enough to play college golf. He played soccer, the coach stalked me to have him join the travel team.
Everyone wants him and Mom has to drive. I have another son who looks like he'll be the same way.
I wish he attended to his spelling the way he focusses on sports.
Baseball is my throwaway sport. To me there isn't much cardio in it and a lot of standing around- that one tends to get shuffled out when we have time constraints.

Anonymous said...

We'll have to agree to disagree here, but I love watching my son play baseball. He's truly only out there for the social aspect and won't be travelin' around freakin' kansas or making 34M by the time he's 25, but he has fun. Although I'd feel the same way you do. Best of luck to Seth - either way I'm pretty sure he's well rounded enough to go with the flow. He'll leave the drama up to Mama. LOL

Lori Anne

Anonymous said...

good luck this just happened to my son he got cut and "I" was so mad. They picked kids over him because there dad's help coach. They were NOT better players. My son however got over it quite quickly since he will still play ball just in a differant more relaxed league. Around here travel means practice 4 times a week, no vacations, no missing practice or you sit. That to me equals no fun.\


cndymkr / jean said...

I don't like baseball, it can be so boring. However, I hope he gets in and if he doesn't I hope you don't need to beat anyone up.

Now Lacrosse is exciting. So far it's the only sport thing that my son likes. If they could make a sport that came with self cleaning clothes that would be wonderful. Or even clothes that never smelled like something nasty died.

And my son just turned 13 last week!

Trisha said...

I iwll be waiting to hear how this all turns out. Wouldn't it be interesting if you actually became a baseball fan?

Love the pictures of Clay in the bee suit!

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