Thursday, April 16, 2009

I have something I need to tell you.

This blog. This blog that I've used as a therapy tool for the last few years is going to move.

I know many of you read my darling older sister's blog in which she has told you a bit about the merging of our blogs and then the un-merging. What can I say, Rechelle, she changes her mind......a lot. Refer to this post for validation. Also, she thinks I'm too bossy, to which I told her she needs to keep her hair dark, stop dinking with the hutch and start following some garsh darn rules already! Does that sound bossy? Do you all think I'm the older sister? Most people do. I'M THE BABY! Got it? Did you know I even have a sister?

Anyway, not merging our blogs was a huge relief to me, I was starting to think my therapeutic hobby was going to turn into a stress inducing task that would cause me to suffer major migraines and hide from my sister forever.

Rechelle is going to launch her new blog sometime today and on that blog she has had her designer put some very cute links and one of those links is to my new blog, which isn't quite finished. Kinda like I fixed the front of my hair, but left a roller or two in the back. Rechelle gave me the option of taking down the link, but I told her to go ahead and leave it, cuz I'll get around to moving someday.......maybe.

I don't like to move. I mean, yes, I just moved hundreds of miles a year and a half ago to our new home and that was wonderful, but I don't ever, ever, ever want to move again. Which is why my butt is large and in charge. So, moving this blog is painful and time consuming and mind draining.......but a little exciting. Did you know these..... are the best way to express a pause in your writing? Yes, it's true.....I know.....I'm a professional blogger.

er, anyway......

You see, blogging is my hobby, not my job. Although, one time, when I was feeling like a professional blogger, I told the young girl that was cutting my hair, "I do a little freelance writing." What? What did I just say? I know. I'm an idiot. Because then I had to tell her I was a blogger. Idiot. Eeeedeeeeaaaht! I just don't want to pour more of myself into this hobby than I already do, because I fear I would start to dread coming here, it would be a chore. I hate chores. Well, some chores.

Blahhh. Okay, so all that to say, there will be a new sight coming soon, April Showers will still be home base for awhile and I think all of you that take the time out of your day to leave me a comment or stop by and read my dribble are strangely wonderful.

I'll reveal what our new house guest is later, one of you guessed correctly.

I'm still trying to get ready to leave town tomorrow. My four nephews are coming to stay at my house with my parents while I'm gone, so I'm trying to be a nice daughter and fix some meals, stock the fridge, do the laundry, leave instructions for the animals, give a detailed itenerary for each child and make life as easy as possible for them so they will offer to watch my kids again someday when I want to take a four month vacation to Europe. Har har, ha ha, hooooooo! Hey! I can dream!


Melody said...

I hate moving too. And website locations is no different.

Good luck with the preparations and have fun on your trip!

Rechelle said...

April - just let mom get them pizza. Stop the casserole nonsense. She won't make them eat it. Good Lord!

Mom is like me... not you... haven't you ever figured that out yet?

Gladys said...

Have fun! Make sure to leave detailed instructions on how the children must bathe, eat, poop etc. Grandparents love that stuff. It gives them something to laugh about while your gone.

Clayvessel said...

How I would LOVE to take a trip right now. Far, far away.

Here is my axiom about trips....a trip must extend longer then it took me to get ready for it. That has to be a LONG trip.

You are a brave girl to go with your sister. (Assuming you are.)

Hope you have lots of relaxing fun!
Whatever the trip is.

April said...

I know, but Dad is like me and he wants written details and he loves to know what he is going to eat. And he's smart and organized and really good looking and smart and organized. Oh, and cheap.

Southern Gal said...

haaaaa! I love what you told your hair stylist (hair dresser? hair person? I can't remember what you called it now!)

You both have inspired me to start blogging again. I haven't since um, January, yeah - also, I still have bierochs in my freezer, so I have some things I need to take care of I guess.

Southern Gal said...

Oh, & the bierochs? I made them in the fall (right after you posted them), & MOVED 4 hours north with them frozen (in my cooler - b/c I'm cheap - like your dad) in January. Obviously they are important to me :)

Sharon said...

OH good grief, just move already!

You really need to be off blogger. Start being PROfessional!

Have a nice time this weekend. Wait, why are your parents coming. Is Clay going with you? Is your sister and BIL going too? Where are you going? Is this a swinging singles weekend? An orgy? Why wasn't I invited?

Cynthia said...

okay. I went and checked out the new digs and I like them.

But one problem. It won't let me leave a comment.

ANd I wanted to be first!!{whine....pound fists on ground}

cndymkr / jean said...

So where are you going? Who are you going with? Who else will be there? What time will you be home? Who is driving?

Wait...I forgot I was talking to you and not my son. Sorry.

Jenni said...

LOL! I prepare for trips the same way. This time I'm lightening up a little out of necessity. I've stocked the fridge with food the kids can make themselves (taco salad and burritoes for the two dinners, samich stuff, and cereal). My MIL will probably cook anyway, but I told her the kids could do it. I didn't even make out a schedule for each of the kids. Jo's got prom followed by after prom and the in-laws have been told to expect her home by 5 a.m. I am not even going to stress about that.

Anonymous said...

The grandkids H & M can handle, no doubt. But are they ready for all those birds? :) Have a safe & fun trip!

Freth :-p said...

I have too many boxes of books that have been transported across this country ... west coast/east coast ... too many times. It would be cheaper to just give them away and buy new ones ... EXCEPT some are out of print and can only be gotten at 4x the price I paid originally ... and some can only be gotten in photocopy now ... for more than I paid. So books and tools are things I obsess over.

Shall we move to the Middle East this week? How about back to California next month? Then maybe 6 months after that we can move to Seattle? Atlanta sounds interesting ...

But to change my blogsite???? I'm mired in deep, sticky, clay mud ... There are just some things that you get invested in (emotionally attached to) ... and lethargic about changing ... That's me!!

anywhere_Smile said...

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