Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lovely Things

When we went to Colorado, this was the view out of the front of our cabin. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

My two oldest took a brief break from going down the slopes to take a picture with me and their little brother. See the bag my 5 year old is holding? I had to go buy him a toy because I accidentally threw away a cup that his dad told him he could save as a souvenir.....a paper coffee cup.

Could they get any cuter? Look at those little skis! He did such a good job skiing.....after we put him in a class.

Ike turned five last month. I love that I captured his surprise opening up his gift. It was a light saber!

On his cake he wanted, Ellen drew all of us on his cake. He wants me to put a picture of him on my birthday cake, I said okay, cuz who wouldn't want this face on a cake?

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hope4grace said...

Wow, what great pics. Looks awesome there. I am not coordinated enough to drive a standard much less attempt to ski. I hold the fort inside shopping, lol. I love the cake! What a sweetheart!