Friday, January 12, 2007

Lost and Found

I don't often gush over my faith, but today God heard my plea and He gladly answered a simple prayer.

"God, Ben has to be found today. Amen"

I know I wasn't the only person praying. God heard all the prayers.

Ben is a 13 year old boy that was abducted Monday after he got off his school bus and was walking the 500 feet to his home. He live less than an hour from my house.

Not only did the officers find Ben, they also found Sean who has been missing for over four years.

I cried out, "Thanks be to God!" and tears rolled down my face when the breaking news came on the television.

I'm so thankful these two boys will be returned to their families. Along with my relief I am scared. I've looked at my children and prayed for God to keep them safe. I gave them a huge stranger-danger lecture.

I will continue to pray for Ben and Sean, there's no telling the trauma they have been through. I'll pray that they will become better men and husbands and fathers because of this awful thing that happened to them. I'll pray for their families that they will be able to live without constant fear of loosing their son again. Lastly, I'll pray for justice to be served to the people responsible.

Thank You Father for hearing my prayer!


jennifer said...

I was watching the news on Tuesday while I was making supper, and I was praying. Calvin came in, and I gave him a big lecture, too. I prayed too. Tonight I watched the news with great thanksgiving and tears, too.
I think you are right to remind us that they need continued prayer to work through and survive and come through all this as strong men who can lead healthy loving families.

Angie Lechner said...

I just read about that story on the internet and wondered if they lived near you! How scary. And Amen to those prayers!!!

JJRiding said...

It became a burden on my heart April, so I was praying too. Even when I would wake up in the middle of the night or when I had trouble getting to sleep. I also am praying for the weeks, months of transition especially for Shawn.

Anonymous said...

That is such awesome news. There must have been an guardian angle hovering over the boys to keep the boys safe.

Ellie said...

You just have to does this guy get away with it for four years?

I've been catching snippets on the news.