Sunday, December 31, 2006

Why doesn't anyone listen to what I say?!

It's not just my children, it's my entire family. They don't listen. I'm not a difficult person to please. How hard can it be to buy a stinkin' ten dollar travel mug?

Did I get a travel mug? No! Did I ask for one? Yes. Over and over and over again, so they wouldn't forget. Did my husband keep me hanging on to the hope that I might be getting one at any moment. Yes! Did my children make me write down what I wanted? Yes. Did they completely ignore my request? Yes! Did my husband think, oh heck I'll just go get her one? No. Am I complaining about it every chance I get? Darn right! How can that many people not come through for me?! Ugh, I have to do everything myself! Geeeez!

Instead, I got a navigation system. At least I won't get lost on my way to Target to buy my own stash of travel mugs!

Oh, Happy New Year!


jennifer said...

We have several extra travel coffee mugs at our house. I'll bring one to church for you.

hope4grace said...

I wanted a nice pair of boots. Just great looking fashionable boots. Instead I got some Cabelas, kick the door down, here I come to kick your tush, boots. I know just how you feel. Did you go buy your own travel mug?

bobber said...

Sounds like he heard travel but not mug!

Julie said...

HA! I accidentally came across your site. I too am living in MO. I too, wanted a stinking travel mug for Christmas! Told the kids, told dh, told my parents. Did I get one? No! Guess what? I got a GPS travel system! Too funny!
Julie in MO

Mylinda said...

Hi April,
My name is Mylinda and I live in South Florida. I also have 4 kids (2 girls, 2 boys), homeschool (always have), have a 13 yo daughter, and a 2 year old Levi! When I read your Christmas letter post, I just cracked up when I read that your Levi was 2, God help us. Boy, am I right there with you!! Thanks for sharing. Your writing is just great and I am really enjoying reading your posts. My blog is at, in case you'd like to check it out.

Mylinda said...

Hi April,
Yep, 13yo girl (Savannah), 12yo girl (Ashton), 4yo boy (Indy), and 2yo Levi. Just like 2 families-sometimes good, sometimes bad. Nothing like a teenager and a two-year old, right? :-) Ahh, the joys of motherhood: split personality, etc. etc.
Mylinda :-)

A.J.Reams said...

This is funny. All you wanted was a travel mug and you didn't get it. All I wanted was a small digital camera that can fit into my pocket. You know what my husband bought me? A sewing maching. I don't even know how to sew. I don't even have time to sew.

Hope you like your navigation system. They are quite wonderful.