Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Isn't that a great word? Blurt.

Ellen came in to the office and blurted, "Levi is in the pantry singing, stacking and stinking!"

Isaac blurted, "Mom, I want a big tractor for Christmas so I can take you to run all your re-runds. It will hold all the stuff and I'll drive you all over, you just have to sit in the back."

We saw the movie Happy Feet. No. That's all I've got to say. Well, and it was not all that happy or funny. So just No.

We made those 3-D snowflakes that Notes From the Trenches had on her sight. They were fun, easy and cheap, cheap, bok, bok....for those of you who live in St. Louis raise your hand if you do not get that Cheep Cheep Fun Fun liquor store chicken commercial, but say it in your head often enough to wonder if you should go buy some liquor there? The same with that mortgage guy that ends with "ninety-nine, ninety-nine". You know who I'm talkin' bout.

People are so weird. Sooo glad I'm not.

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