Friday, December 01, 2006

I'll take a mug

April wants....

1. Well, yeah, a house.

2. All the computers fixed, so I don't have to enter things in one then download to put on another and whoops, forgot this one has no modem, so download again and, ahhhh hell just forget it!

3. All the outlets replaced, so when I vacuum I don't have to bend over twenty five bazillion times to replug the darn thing and by the time I get the hall way vacuumed I'm so ticked I just want to chuck the vacuum out the front door, rip up the carpet and kick all the outlets! Whew! Deep breath, just make the kids vacuum, then I don't have the stress of the freakin' outlets, deep breath. Serentity, outlets are not humans trying to make me crazy mad, serenity, and I'm calm.

4. Travel coffee mug, cuz mine was used as a projectile object outside and smashed to bits on the driveway. Actually this is a need, not a want. And no, I wasn't the one that threw it, although I can understand how you would make that mistake.
That's it. Really.

Now, I will tell everyone in my family that I want a travel mug, and that's all I'll get. I have a problem with just wanting one specific item. That's why I had three cameras and four mixers one time. But a cupboard full of travel mugs is not a bad thing. I'll probably loose some and the kids will probably break some and then I'll have one precious mug left that I will guard with my life.

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melanie said...

What about the Christmas you guys ended up with about 10 iPods?