Saturday, November 12, 2005

When I grow up....

E wants to be a landscape architect and own a garden store. I want to go to work for her.

S wants to be a carpenter (he still says "builder guy"), missionary or pastor....this week. At this very moment he is outside helping his dad put the roof on the chicken coop.

Ike's question of the week, "Mom, will you be sad when I grow up to be a dad?" I say, "Yes." Ike then says, "Don't be sad, I'll still love you." I say, "Okay, that will make me happy."

My dream job for the month. To be the new food critic for our monthly paper, "The Current". Oh, and have a farm that grows organic herbs and produce. So, what's y'all's dream job?

I'm going to call my neighbor and ask if a few of her chickens can come over to play. I want them to scratch up my garden and spread a little gold dust.

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Ann said...

Ann is a Scammer and a pirate. Think twice before your report people.