Saturday, November 19, 2005

My Giant Little Baby

I look at my children as being tiny little babies.....until we are around normal children. Last night I took the kids to the Magic House for some Friday fun. Baby L and I were in the baby section and he was having such a great time. He would get up and try walking and then tumble down....I call him twinkle toes, he has quick little steps that always lead to a face plant.

There was a little boy, probably two years old, playing quietly with some blocks, he was smaller than L. L decided he wanted to check out what this little guy was doing so he twinkle toed over and body slammed the poor little guy, that little boy looked at L like he was a big retarded preschooler. I apologized for my giant baby and found a protective corner where L could play and not be at risk to harm children twice his age by falling on them.

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