Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My neighbor called today and asked if I wanted some of her cow's meat. She said something like, "T-bone is being delivered tommorow and I need to get rid of Sirloin, do you want some?" T-bone and Sirloin were their cows. I had a personal relationship with T-Bone, he ate most of my garden clippings with great gusto all summer. I didn't know Sirloin, so I put him in my freezer.

Little L is starting to walk, he looks like a drunk monkey. Clay wants me to cut L's hair because he is sporting a bit of a mullet. I can't bring myself to put a blade to those soft silky curls. People are going to start calling him "Dude" soon.

S has his first piano lesson tomorrow. I don't know what to expect. My dream is that the kids will all pick an instrument and form a band so we can travel around and entertain the masses. I still wish I would have stuck with an instrument: trombone, flute, piano....I hated them all.

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