Sunday, November 05, 2006

Serene Sunday

Heard at church-

"It smells like someone took a dump in the foyer."

"Good grief the entire church smells like poop."

"It still smells down here, did someone not take the diapers out?"

That's what my husband heard. What he didn't know was that his son was the culprit. Levi should win the prize for stinkin' up God's house in a very unholy way. So, I apologize to all my fellow brothers and sisters for the offensive smell that may have caused some of you to go out for a breath of fresh air this morning.

On the way home from church-

The little stinky monkey (or should I say giant stinky ape) had a major melt down. He cried for the good part of an hour. He was so worked up that he started the yasnuffing bit. You know, whaaaaaa, yasnuff-yasnuff, whaaaaa ya-ya-ya-yasnuff. He feel asleep and continued to do the yasnuff spasms for a good 30 minutes. Poor thing. It's so hard being two.


Anonymous said...

This pregnant supernose smelled the smell. I tried to run from it, but it was everywhere! I am so glad you found the culprit. Anne

lrlwreath said...

That is funny! Yep it is hard being 2.

Carrie said...

Oh I hate when my kids do that after crying to sleep! Poor baby, being 2 IS hard!!