Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm in fabulous shape, thank-you!

I went to work out with my husband at the YMCA yesterday at 5:45am. I thought the place would be fairly empty and I wouldn't have to worry about people watching me.

However, as you can probably guess, all the really dedicated, hard-core, ripped bodies were there working themselves up to a nice glossy shine.

The only person I can really make fun of (because that makes me feel better about myself) is the guy leading the spinning class. I won't be joining that class purely out of fear that I would spin myself right off the bike and onto the scary instructor who would chew me up and spit me like I was a piece of gristle. There's also the fact that I don't want to stick my bodaciousness up in the air to remind all the spectators to put Jell-O on their shopping list.

Who are the people that get up before the sun to tone their bodies? "Not I", said the tall blond haired woman on the elliptical machine.

And that concludes my morning work out routine. So let's talk about my evening work out. It consisted of:

- informing my 4yo not to lock his little brother out of his room.
- listening to the 4yo cry because now he has locked himself out of his own room.
- consoling the 4yo that I can't unlock the door so he'll have to wait until his dad gets home to fix it...shhhhh it's okay, you'll be able to get in your room again, shhhhh.
- falling asleep at 7:00 pm while trying to watch the news.
- being jolted awake by a 4yo yelling "MOM!!! Levi is coloring on the carpet!"
- scrubbing permanent marker off the carpet (Goo-gone, I love you)
- deciding that breaking down the door is really the best solution because these boys have to go to bed or, or, or....stand back boys I'm breakin' it down!!!

So, yes I had a mini-kick boxing class and I won.


lrlwreath said...

Heeee Keep up the great work.

mommaobrienx7 said...

So glad I found your blog! I found it via larger families website. I am a mom of seven and have gotten a kick out of reading your posts! You have a great sense of humor and I have added you to my favorites!