Wednesday, August 02, 2006

If we make it another day....

If everything were a car....

Ike- I'm going to get that really fast car.

Me- What will you do when you get that really fast car?

Ike- Well, you and Daddy will drive it because I can't drive. But, I'll clean it up with some water cuz, I like to clean the car with water. I like to clean up, not in the house but, with water on the car.

If everyone was a user....

Me- Am I (not politically correct word that means severely learning disabled)?

Clay- No, you're just a casual user. Maybe not even casual.

Me- I am (NPC word that means severely learning disabled).

Clay- nods head sympathetically in agreement

If you had three wishes....

Ellen- First I'd wish for a water park in my yard.

Me- What if you move?

Ellen- It magically moves with you.

Me- That's scary.

Ellen- My second wish would be for fairies to be real. I'd wish for eight fairies and eight sparrowmen.

Me- What are sparrowmen?

Ellen- Boy fairies.

Me- Oh. Thinking my daughter has read too many fairy fantasy books.

Ellen- My third wish would be for dragons to be real, just nice dragons that live in caves.

Me- Thinking we need to go to the library and check out some historical biographies for this girl.

Seth- Okay my turn. First I would wish for a money making machine that you feed a stick into and then out pops like a hundred, no a million coins. Second....

Ike- My first wish would be...

Seth- I'm still wishing!

Ellen- Wait! I want to change my third wish.

Seth- You can't I'm wishing.

Ike- I'd wish for a stick that you put into a big machine....

Seth- Errrr! I'm still going stop talking!

Ike- and you put it in and it goes arrrrrrrrrrrgh and then.....

Seth- Iiiiiiiiiisaaaaaac, stop talking!

Ike- out comes lots and lots and lots of money!

Seth- Yea, I just said that.

Ike- No, mine goes arrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

Ellen- I'm changing my last wish to be; I wish for 3 more wishes.

Me- Wishing I wouldn't have started this ridiculous conversation in the first place.


mc said...

Those kids are a hoot!

Mark said...

Do not tamper with Ellen's reading. She is doing just fine. Don't corrupt her with Mundania before it is forced upon her.

april said...

Okay Mark. I'll let her live in her fantasy world a bit longer.

mj said...

Ellen needs to read Inkheart, a JF fantasy book I read in order to write a summary for the reading room at Calvin's school. I really do think she'd like the book, but I think she would change her wish about the fairies.

april said...

Yes, she's read Inkheart and the next book Inkheart and is eagerly awaiting the third. Apparently there is supposed to be a movie made. I'm telling you she is nutso about fantasy books oh and all the old Nancy Drew books.